Protecting What’s Most Precious: Your Baby’s Stem Cells

Written by Andrew Ripps. Posted in Our Benefits

Your child’s unit of cord blood will be stored in the family cord blood bank for many years to come. It’s therefore important that you feel confident these stem cells are kept in the safest possible conditions, protected from any danger. Only a durable and stable cord blood bank that prioritizes the protection of these precious cells can bring parents true peace of mind. At AssureImmune, we care for units in a complete sense, even safeguarding them against natural disasters.

  • Hurricane resistant building

The AssureImmune storage facility is one of handful of buildings in the country considered to be a category-5 hurricane resistant structure. The building is equipped with a back-up generator in the event of a loss of power.
AssureImmune also has its own generator, should the buildings’ generator prove insufficient for any reason.

  • Sensor and security

The laboratory housing the BioArchive storage system is equipped with cutting-edge sensor and security measures including extensive alarm systems and door sensors.

  • Oxygen sensor

The BioArchive laboratory environment is monitored by sensors to ensure optimal oxygen and liquid nitrogen levels and temperature. Alarm notifications are sent to the laboratory manager if at any time the conditions change even slightly. Weather patterns are also closely monitored, with extra back-up liquid nitrogen tanks ordered in the event of a storm forecast.

  • Extra physical protection

We preserve each blood unit in a uniquely designed container adding two more protective layers to prevent any chance of contamination or damage.