Our Vision

Written by Andrew Ripps. Posted in About AssureImmune

AssureImmune has spent seven years servicing families of newborns and adults as a leader in science based cell cryopreservation or Bio-banking. The company specializes in harvesting, testing, and preserving the stem cells from an individual’s own healthy adult stem cells from the peripheral blood and from the cord blood of newborn infants. These stem cells will serve as the basis for emerging customized immunological and regenerative therapies and be available for future use in sustaining life and battling disease.  At AssureImmune we strive towards the highest standard of custom-centric service, with values of professionalism and reliability laying the foundations for everything we do.

From highly skilled managers to our veteran team of specialists, we’ve built our name on extensive medical experience and advanced technologies. Today, AssureImmune is recognized as a pioneer in the field of stem cells banking – and one of the most trusted and prominent service providers in the Western world.

Our first commitment is to the mothers and fathers, children, patients, doctors, nurses and every individual who uses our services to achieve a healthier, safer future.

We believe that every life is precious and that each family has the right to peace of mind knowing they have taken every action to safeguard their family’s health against medical crisis.

Our mission is to increase awareness among expecting families, so they are better equipped to make life-saving decisions regarding the benefits of stem cells banking services.

We’re determined to act to the best of our ability, never compromising on quality to deliver first class stem cells preservation.

We tirelessly work to ensure that your valued cells will be preserved and available for medical use in sustaining life and battling disease.