AssureImmune cord blood banking

Maternal and Cord Blood Analysis

Written by Andrew Ripps. Posted in Our Benefits

Cord blood is designed for future transplant in the human body. That’s why cord blood analysis is so important: To make sure that the unit is of best possible quality, free of viruses or bacteria that could harm the stem cell prospects at the time of need. At AssureImmune, we perform extensive quality testing of the cord blood unit to ensure it is not infected with viruses, bacteria or other factors that could make it unusable. For the same reason, we examine the maternal blood collected on delivery.

Some viruses and bacteria don’t disqualify a unit for preservation, but require proper care during transplanting.
The testing procedure and decision as to whether the unit can be preserved are governed by strict international standards.
If the unit is not preserved due to abnormal lab results, money will be refunded in full!

Our extensive testing brings an additional advantage: We inform parents if any problem was found in cord or maternal blood, with immediate referral to their doctor for further inquiry.

  • Cord blood samples testing includes:

  • ABO / Rh
  • CBC w/Diff
  • Bac-T (sterility)
  • CD 34
  • Maternal viral marker testing includes:

  • Anti-HIV I&II, Anti-HTLV I&II, Anti-HBc, STS, Anti-CMV, Anti HCV
  • WNV
  • Chagas