BioArchive® Cord Blood Banking

Written by Andrew Ripps. Posted in Our Benefits

BioArchive® is the world’s leading liquid nitrogen cryopreservation and storage system for stem cell samples. Proven, automated technology and tracking software provide the best protection for today’s valuable stem cell samples to meet tomorrow’s stem cell therapy needs.

BioArchive® is the system of choice for cord blood banking worldwide, and for one simple reason: The system provides the highest percentage of living cells after thawing the unit.

Nothing matters more than ensuring the viability of a frozen unit in the future.

Why using the BioArchive® System is important for you

  • Constant temperature control via closed-system sample handling with robotic storage and retrieval
  • Up to 94% post-thaw cell viability unbeaten by any other cryopreservation system
  • Individual cell sample storage and retrieval for minimal exposure to transient warming events
  • Automated sample tracking for maximal confidence and compliance throughout cryopreservation
  • Extra magnetic stainless steel canister protection firmly house overwrapped freezing bags for precise robotic insertion and retrieval from liquid nitrogen
  • Compliance assistance software for cGMP and cGTP compliance requirements